Seven sweaty Premier League teams

Seven sweaty Premier League teams: England quarantined for 10 days for away games 7 Premier League teams are sweaty! England have ordered a 10-day detention when they have to compete in

seven away games in the English Premier League. Football of the Champions League and Europa League are required to be detained for 10 days after returning to their homeland,

the British government introduces new measures to football players. And staff coaching of the club to travel to the game of the European Cup. It was required to be detained for 10 days, according to Sky Sports, the leading media outlet in the city. UFAX891

Earlier, the elite city government had no specific measures for returning clubs from UEFA Champions, UEFA Europa League and national team competitions outside the UK. But the new rule means that all players and staff are subject to the same detention as the general public, without exception.

However, กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด during detention, players and coaching staff are only allowed to come outside on their way to training. And only compete Yet, this measure could be mitigated from 10 days to just five if players and staff have a negative COVID-19 test after returning to the elite city.

New British Government Measures This has affected seven of the top league clubs, the elite city because they still have to play in the European Cup games, including Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea, who have to compete in the Champions League. Senal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City also have a program to play in the Europa League,

but Chelsea will have to take this measure as the first team when the army. "The Lions Navy Blue" must meet Atletico Madrid at the central stadium in Bucharest. Romania on Tuesday, February 23, while Manchester City have a queue of dueling Borussia Monchengladbach at Puskas Arena, Hungary, Wednesday 24 February. Arsenal clash with Benfica in Greece, their second game, the Europa League round of 32, last Thursday.