Stay at your home, don't be silent!

Stay at your home, don't be silent! Grant gets a new career, raises a power sign to change a man U, a

follower of "Red Army", กลุ่มลับไลฟ์สด shows off the keyboard style. At the show, the skill holds fire to help the fourth referee, while Manchester United are changing the player. In an open home match against Newcastle league games last weekend,

Manchester United's third-hand goalkeeper Lee Grant took advantage of his free time when he was holding a fire sign while replacing. The fourth referee in the game "Red Devils" beat Newcastle United 3-1 in the English Premier League game on Sunday. UFAX891

The 38-year-old goalkeeper, ไลน์กลุ่มลับ who is not named in the team at the opening nest of Old Trafford chasing "Salika Dong" on the weekend. Having admitted last month that being just the team's third choice made him feel like a zombie,

however, Grant had never experienced a Premier League game. Has found a way for him to get involved in the club's league game. When referred to as holding a fire sign, while the "Red Devils" are about to change by sending Chola Chorethere and Juan Mata into the field.

At this event, the Red Army followers were frantically expressing their opinions in the online world. With some even tease about his wages that "The club pays Lee Grant £ 30,000 a week to do this."

While some teased that they were almost indifferent to the debut of Chorétire because there were more people than that, "When Choretire was about to make his debut with the club it made me laugh. Every time Because it reminds me of Lee Grant, "another person stated "Coach, goalkeeper, fireman and part-time goalkeeper ... Lee Grant.